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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wedding Planning

I got engaged on January 28th of this year and I was so excited to get started on my wedding plans. When I was younger I wanted to be a wedding planner so I have always had a lot of ideas for what I want for my own wedding. That was until I started actually planning. Since my fiance and I are both from San Diego that's where the wedding will be which makes it really difficult since I don't live there. It is also difficult because my fiance and I are trying to plan a wedding while living in separate states...not fun! So as of right now these are the issues; my mom and I disagree about EVERYTHING, the guest list is out of control, I have to work with a budget, I live 600 miles away from where I will be getting married, I have become addicted to wedding blogs, and my wedding colors are unique almost too unique because they are difficult to find in anything and especially together.

So the first issue; my mom and I disagree about everything. We are totally different from each other which normally is fine until now she wants a say in everything about my wedding and we are having a hard time finding some common ground. Another issue is that she took over the guest list and decided to invite everyone she has ever met. We currently have 322 people not including any of my sorority sisters (I have 90 of them) or any of my fiance's friends or family and she thinks she's already done a lot of downsizing. Normally I would think its totally fine that means more presents (haha) but the problem is that the maximum amount of people we can have at our venue is 300 and she will not budge. So basically we have to hope that around 100 people don't come so that we will be able to use our venue, which is sad. Another of my issues is the fact that i have become totally addicted to wedding blogs and trust me there are hundreds of them out there. It is a serious problem because I see things I like everyday and I change my mind all the time about what I want for my wedding.

The distance is also another problem because I have to find all my vendors pretty much by the internet so I have to go off websites which is not always the easiest thing to do. I also only have a week at spring break and Presidents day weekend to meet with vendors, look at the venue, taste catering, choose a DJ, meet with my florist, pick out invitations, pick out suits, decide on a cake and spend time with my fiance. Too much to do with not enough vacation time to do it!


  1. Remember your wedding is one day but your mom will be around for many more events. Pick your battles. These days are also days moms dream about too.

    Good luck!

  2. As a mother, I promise I will never try to control my daughter's wedding. I'll give them the budget and they can do what they want with it. I'm sorry to hear that this isn't the most joyous of times.

  3. Thank you. She is getting better she is just not used to not getting her way. And neither am I so we both just need to learn compromise. But I am going home this weekend so I am hoping we will figure everything out when I get there! :)