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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank You Kind Man

Well, I can't really think of anything very deep or interesting to talk about since school has been taking over my entire life lately and that's all that is on my mind! BUT this last week I had a cool experience that got me through the week. I love when something happens to me that pulls me out of my crazy self-centered lifestyle and brings me back to what should really matter in life. It might sound kind of silly, but it had a cool impact on me.

Since my days are constantly back and forth from school to work and back to school, then back to work, then back to school to study, I am constantly on the move. But don't worry, of course I am constantly arranging my activities around when I can eat. Yes, you read that right. I don't arrange eating around my day, but I arrange my day around eating! It's pathetic that my meals are my most exciting part of my day. The worst part is that my schedule only allows me to eat and run, so I always look forward to deciding where I want to go to grab some delicious, unhealthy (but that’s not too important), treat for the go. On one of my scrumptious eating breaks, I decided to grab a subway sandwich. After I had waited in line for about twenty minutes, gone through the process of making my sandwich, and then preceding to check out, I realized that I had forgotten to take my wallet out of my backpack to put it in my purse. So, there I was at the checkout counter, wallet-less drooling over my yummy sandwich that I couldn't buy, when a man behind me offered to pay for my sandwich. Really? People are really nice enough to think to do that? Oh how I loved him at that moment.

I think these are my favorite moments in life. Not because I got a free sandwich, which was pretty great too, but because someone actually took the time to think of someone else. I need to do this more.


  1. Pay it forward -- that's what makes good things happen!

  2. It's always nice to see things like that! I lost my wallet recently and the man who found the wallet did everything he could to track me down and made sure that I got my wallet back. I was very grateful.