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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I want spring to come FAST!

I can't believe this is the last day of 60 degree weather this week. In two days it's going to be cold and wet again. Yuck! I want to run barefoot in the grass and dig in my garden. Studying outside would be sooooo nice. I love variety but cold weather gets old very quickly. However, I do have some fond memories of rainy weather. Last November I was able to fly to New York with my daughter. I had never been to New York and I was so excited. It rained while we were there.
I work as an Independent AVON Representative and I won a video contest in October. The prize consisted of a large chunk of change and a trip to New York to visit with Suze Orman. Can you believe I actually won! I was one of just five representatives in the U.S. who won the trip. We each got to bring a guest. I have four children and they all voted and Michelle got to go. She loves New York and it was so nice to have her to show me around.
When we arrived we were met by a limo driver! Everything was so elegant. Our hotel was beautiful. Just two weeks before we were there, President Obama stayed there! How cool is that? All of our expenses were taken care of. We just needed money for souvenirs. AVON really pulled out all the stops for all of us.
Meeting Suze Orman was amazing. She is brilliant and so sharp. She looks much younger than she is. (She must use AVON!) Suze is the official financial advisor to AVON Representatives and we always get financial advice but it was incredible to be sitting across the table from her, receiving information given just to me. Who would think that little old me would have such a life changing experience? I have always loved AVON because I have been able to make money and enjoy a lot of freedom. However, this experience showed me even more how lucky I am to work with such an amazing company. Let me know if you want to know what Suze said to me. Looking back, rainy days really do have silver linings.

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