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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my current craving.

Lately, I have been needing a regular caffeine fix before I go to work. 
I feel like ther e aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do school, work, sleep, study and having fun,
Or atleast that's what I tell myself when to spend an extra $4 a day. 
I’ve slowly but surely have been turning into a Java Jo’s addict, I practically stop by all the nights I have work.
I’ve woked my way around them menu trying different drinks everytime I went.
But I’ve recently found one that I have been hooked on.
I just cant stay away from the Iced Chai Chargers at Java Jo's. 
It is seriously the best 'dirty chai' I've ever had. 
And gives me a little more energy that I need to finish my day
They basically took two things that I love {coffee and chai} and made it into an awesome cold drink! 
 I still find myself craving it everyday
And it hasn't been a really great habit... $4 adds up...
rough estimate that's atleast $20 a week that I can be spending on other things. 
Like going to dinner with a friend or seeing a movie or it could go towards a new top.
Although knowing me, it will probably fizzle out soon.
Ever since I’ve come to the U – I’ve slowly but surely have gotten addicted to Diet Coke.
I never even used to drink those when my parents bought them back home.
But ever since I’ve moved here its become my beverage of choice.
Lately I haven’t been feeling like having Diet Cokes, But I’m sure I’ll be back on that grind fairly soon.
I love going to sev {7-eleven} and getting big gulps of diet cokes with my girl friends.

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