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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

stares on valentines day

So I recently became single and yesterday was the first valentines day in long time that I was single. My really good friend ( who's married ) and I decided to go get sushi last night because his wife had to work until 10 pm. We know the owners of a really good sushi place in Sandy and they told us that we could just show up whenever and not have to wait for a table. We jumped on the opportunity to go out because we didn't have to wait at all to be seated. He brought his one-year-old daughter and she kept us entertained all night.
Throughout the night, we got more stares than usual. Him and I used to be roommates and would go out together all the time. At first, we figured that everyone was just looking at his adorable daughter. About an hour into us being there we decided what some of the stares had to be. The two of us, both males, were out together on valentines day together. My buddy came up with the bright idea that some people were probably thinking that we were a gay couple with a daughter. This idea got us to talking about the movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry." So the rest of the night, all we did was quote lines from that movie and had a blast. I never thought that I could have that much fun on valentines day being single and hanging out with another guy. By the end of the night, all of the good quotes from that movie were exhausted and we couldn't stop laughing.
The owner bought most of our sushi and we had a pretty big bill just from the beer alone. All in all, it was a great valentines day and neither of us had to be romantic with a girl and we got to dress however we wanted. Although it's always nice to get all dressed up and take a girl out, it was a huge bonus not to have to do it last night. There were no flowers, jewelery or chocolate bought and we figured that our beer and food were cheaper than having actual dates. It was awesome.


  1. We were out at restaurant last night too but with another couple. About half-way through dinner we all looked around at the other couples in the restaurant. It looked like half of them were just doing the obligatory Valentine's Day dinner and the other half may be new daters. Very few actually looked like they were having a good time. Too bad - good day to get some good conversation started about the things you have in common. Sounds like you and your buddy did that anyway. Who says Valentine's Day can't be for friends too? At least you had fun!

  2. Hey, don't knock the chocolate thing. I'm single too and my daughters and I watched "Chocolat" last night. Every time there was a scene that showed chocolate, we had to eat some. It was awesome!