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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My love for HGTV

My new found love and hobby has become interior decorating and watching shows on HGTV. Turning homes from dumpy to cute is so interesting and fun to watch. The show Design on a Dime is about how people set a budget to update and add spice to their home decor. Usually the budget ranges from a couple to a few thousand depending on the desire of update you want to accomplish. This show gives people simple and cheap tips to follow to really make their home sparkle. For example, painting your kitchen cabinets a teal blue and doing a new thick linoleum wood for the floor coverings can really change the feel of an outdated kitchen.

Basically there are five different styles of decorating. They are Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Eclectic, and Transitional. I find my own personal style to be Modern and Traditional. This channel gives me ideas to recreate in my own home. When I buy home decor I love shopping and looking around in stores such as Z Gallerie, Pier 21, Tai Pan Trading and Hobby Lobby. I also enjoy "making over" furniture. I browse around in the KSL furniture section looking for old, cheap furniture such as a coffee table. I love turning that coffee table into something new by staining or painting it. I just found an end table on KSL for $10 and am working on painting it white and then running sand paper over it to give it a stressed, vintage look. Also, recently I worked on making my own accent pillows for my couch. I find accent pillows to be over priced and I can't always find the design I am looking for. So, I decided to make my own! I went to Joanns and picked out some fun fabrics. I then just made a pillow case so my old couch pillows could fit in them and then sewed it shut. I get compliments all the time for my pillows and all it cost me was the cost of the fabric.


  1. So, do you do this for a living? I have been in my home for a little over a year and have done absolutely nothing to it except hang my TV on the wall. I would really like someone to come in and help (or take over) with decorating it. And if you do, do this for a living, how much do you charge? And, what would be a good budget to do the livingroom, kitchen and dining area?

  2. I used to watch HGTV ALL the time but now their shows are all about real estate. One of my favorite shows was called "Free Style." They didn't spend any money and just used things the people already had. It was awesome. I wish they showed more actual decorating shows instead of how to buy a house.

  3. @ Jaco135: No, I do not do this for a living! I did think about being an interior designer but there aren't a lot of jobs for it in this area. Most guys need assistance with decorating;) Budgets can depends on if you want to update your floors, counter tops, cupboards and furniture is when it gets expensive. If you want to just splash a color on the wall and get a few home decor items, I would say you could stay in the range of $100-$500. To get some ideas I would recommend looking around on and looking around at some stores that sell home decor.

    @Still Learning:
    I agree they do have a lot of real estate stuff as well but that is interesting to me so it doesn't bother me :). I have never heard of "Free Style" but that sounds pretty cool! has lists of full episodes so you can pick and choose what you want to watch. I love Design on a Dime, Dear Genevieve, Color Splash, and Sarah's house.