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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Season of Decisions

Do you ever feel like there are seasons of decisions? What I mean is that quiet can come for a long period, but when one big decision comes, the next and the next is right after. "When it rains it pours," right? Is this true for you? This seems very true for those who are graduating. It is the nature of life's direction. We are forced to stay in the same place or keep moving on to something new, upon our decision that forces things one way or another.
Starting November, I was faced with my first decision: will I try to cram 21 credits to graduate in May? Where will I apply for internships? Will I apply for an overseas internship? When I return from overseas will I stay in Salt Lake or move back to California? Should I look somewhere completely new to live?
I know that there is a season of change upon me. It is scary and exciting and overwhelming. How do I know the best decision(s)? This is a common question many college graduates are asking themselves. I strive to foremost follow my heart. I have already found this to be so challenging in the economy we are in. What I mean is that there is the pressure to take the first job offered, and not necessarily what will get my blood pumping. I already turned down a "good" job, and am having doubts about it, but I also know that this is an opportune time to find something that I will have a passion for as well. All of these questions really come down to TWO questions to make the post-graduation decision. They are as follows:

  1. WHERE do I want to live?
  2. WHO do I want to work for?

Which question do YOU think is most important? Which should be asked first to determine the other?


  1. Go with your passion. When my daughters were deciding what to major in, I advised them to do something they loved, not just what job promised to make the most money. It worked out for both of them. They are both extremely happy and that's what matters most.

  2. I think that if you have a job that you love then the place will come and you'll learn to love it too. But if you don't have a good job why suffer both. I think it depends on your situation but definitely do whats going to make you happy and the rest will work out.

  3. If you choose WHO then most likely WHERE will be dictated for you and vice versa. Why do you have to choose one? Explore what is out there and maybe the question will answer itself. Keep in mind that whatever you do for the next few years -- you will spend a lot of time at that job and the more you enjoy what you are doing the less it will feel like a job. Good luck.