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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am so sick of hearing about Jimmer...

Ok ok...I have to admit that I am (even though I am a die-hard Ute fan) fairly proud of the BYU men's basketball team and all of the success that they are having this season. It is a great thing for a school in the state to be doing so well and even better for a school that is connected to such a little-known, little-understood religion. However, despite all of their success, I am constantly reminded of why I absolutely hate BYU fans. Not even hate, loathe is probably a more fitting term, detest would work as well.

You see, it's not just that they are fans of our rival school, and I pretty much have no connection to that school at all, BYU fans are a different breed. They feel like their players/team/fans are invincible because of the "holiness" of their school. It's that prideful, self-righteous attitude that makes me loathe the star player of the BYU Cougars, Jimmer Freddette.

First point, who names their kid Jimmer? Is he a small cricket who grants wishes to a puppet who wants to be a boy? Oh wait, that would be Jiminy, and he's much cooler anyways. Second point, last thing BYU fans need is another person to idolize. It seems like everyone in P-Town has jumped on the Jimmer bandwagon, and the godlike comparisons are hard to avoid. It has gotten so out of hand that there is actually a fan page (not odd for a star athlete) that actually compares Jimmer as something like..."the best thing since sliced bread", hardly! Here's a couple other quotes from die-hard Jimmer fans on the facebook website:

"The Jimmer can count to infinity, starting from negative infinity" (really people?)

"And there went a fear of Jimmer throughout all the land; yea, a cry went forth throughout the land—Who can stand before the Jimmer? Behold, he sweepeth the earth before him!" (this comment actually makes me physically ill)

Dear Elder Jimmer,
You are hereby called to serve as a point guard in the National Basketball Association. You are assigned to labor in California Los Angeles Laker Mission. It is anticipated you will serve for a period of 72 months." (there are just not even words for this, I am speechless)

More ridiculous comments can be found on the facebook fan page. I am not a fan of "The Jimmer" as he is now known, but it looks as if he's here to stay awhile, at least until he goes to the NBA. What remains to be seen though, is what he actually does there, because the NBA is a totally different ball game (no pun intended) than the NCAA, especially Mountain West Conference, BYU Basketball...

Again, best of luck to the Cougars, I wish them well on their journey during March Madness (heaven knows the Utes aren't going to do much)...but please, for the love of everything good, appreciate the team and the game, not the idolized play who, before 2 months ago, was virtually unknown to the Cougar basketball world.


  1. There are a few definitions in Urban Dictionary about good ol' Jimmer...This on is especially bad:

    (Verb) To succeed at something in an exceptional manner. Named after BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette. Can also be used in the past tense form of "Jimmered" or "Jimmeresque" or "Jimmer show".

  2. Don't know this "Jimmer" and probably won't even try to know who this "Jimmer" is. The one thing that any of you out there reading this post should note who have not had children is: please select your child's name carefully. They will be adults one day and in an industry or business in which they will want respect. First impressions are important as well. SOOOOO...regardless of how good this "Jimmer" is in the NBA - he will still be made fun of. Thanks M & D.

  3. Jimmer is not his real name. Its a nic name his mom gave him whe nhe was a kid. His name is James.

  4. I tend to agree about the obnoxious fan thing. Way back in the day when BYU was ranked #1, a woman actually got up in church to bear her testimony and said "we are so blessed to have BYU #1." Wow, I thought testimonies were supposed to be about Christ. I'm happy for BYU too but the fans do get a little weird sometimes.