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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is it still cool to be a Gleek?

So I just watched the most recent episode of Glee and through the whole episode I kept asking myself why I am I so bored. First of all, you should understand that I became a huge fan of Glee by the end of the first season. I loved how each character on the show had their own quirks and I loved the anticipation of finding out what song they were going to sing next. Don't get me wrong there are still aspects of the show that I still love. For example, the mutual hatred between Sue Sylvester and Mr. Schuester is still funny and entertaining. Kurt still has his moments, but it is totally different now that he is in a different school and in a different glee club than the rest of the leading cast. I now find myself wanting to see less of Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Sue and Mr. Shuester and wanting to see more of Brittany, Santana, Puck and the rest of the Glee club that doesn't get much airtime. And I know it is only a matter of time before these characters become boring to me as well.
Every show gets to that point where it starts to overstay its airtime nobody starts to care what happens anymore. But for a show as popular as Glee to start to run out of steam in only the middle of its second season, it's crazy!! Maybe it has to do with how it started so great so fast. I mean something starts out so good, how do you keep it going? How much longer are the creators of this show going to be able to keep the energy and excitement up?
Another that I have a problem with this show is how cheesy, abnormal and awkward all of them look while they are singing. This show is becoming more and more like a drawn out version of High School Musical, and let's face it without force that Zac Efron had on teenage girls that phenomenon would no have lasted as long as it did.
Who knows, Glee could last for another five years (I seriously doubt that would ever happen), but you never know if American Idol could last for ten years, Glee might be able to overstay it's welcome as well.
Are you still proud to be a Gleek, or are you ready for another phenomenon to be a part of?


  1. Well at least you're not watching six seasons of "Lost" only to have the ending be the most stupid thing you've ever seen. What a waste of six years. At least you're only in it a year and a half. I hope it gets better.